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Rewilded Birth

This is for the wild woman who is ready to give birth on her terms, trusting that her body was created to birth new life. We will initiate you into matresence, and anchor you into the support you desire for your embodied birth experience.

I honor the WOMB and MOTHER.

We are alive in a time (here in the USA) where women have more freedom than they have had in centuries, and we are also alive in a time where our society wants to erase the word MOTHER and replace it with, "birthing person" or "chest feeding parent."
I don't say this to simply be inflammatory.
I don't say this to harm or speak ill of those who desire gender neutrality for themselves but I say this because women matter and being a woman matters.

Our wombs will not be silenced or erased.
Our womanhood will not be dissolved by "cis-gender" nametagging.

Women have wombs.
Women give birth.

And as womb bearers, we must tend to our wombs now as never before. From this place of deepest reverence and connection to The Womb, we protect her.

This is the first step towards a peaceful home birth or free birth.

Our wombspace is the temple of our ecstasy, and we have also made it the graveyard of our broken dreams, unfulfilled desires, abuses, neglects, traumas, losses, our deepest shame, our grief and pain...and perhaps more.

The answer is your connection, your attention, your touch, and your breath.

I am here to provide tools, resources, and support for womb healing, because this is an integral part of a birth that doesn't require intervention.
We all know that if you begin birth with interventions, like a domino affect, more interventions will follow.

I seek to empower the mother once again as the ultimate authority over her body, her choices for birth, her womb, and her child. It is time that women became the experts on women's bodies, and on birth, once again.

If you are ready to reclaim the initiation that birth is for a woman, this passage from MAIDEN TO MOTHER, then a REWILDED BIRTH experience is for you.

Welcome, mother and mother to be.
You will be honored in this space.

If you are gender neutral, or transgender, you are welcome in this space. And we will be using the term MOTHER for all who are giving birth.

Image by Bernard Hermant

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How I Can Support You In Your Wild Birth


Conscious Conception


Metamorphosis Through Pregnancy


Initiation of Wild Birthing


Integrating into Matresence

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The details of this package are still percolating and brewing behind the scenes, so if you are at all interested in this service and offering, or in hiring me as your birth keeper / rewilded birth support, please email me at:

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