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About Amanda

Amanda Rose

Creator and Teacher/Facilitator

​Amanda is creating a new paradigm and legacy for generations to come on a global scale, guiding men and women back to their source of authority, wisdom, and power on every level: spirit, soul, and body. Her unique and avant garde combination of expertise and intuitive guidance has helped both men and women to alchemize their trauma, prosper, and flourish. She is a womb keeper, and the creator of The WombTerrain™ Immersive Experience and De-Armoring Coach. She is the herbal alchemist and founder of The Soulful Apothecary. She is a certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Certified Soma Mystica Practitioner™, Certified The Self Holding Method™ Practitioner, Certified Breathworker and Meditation Facilitator, and Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist.

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Amanda's Story

My earliest sexual experiences were filled with pain, and shame. I had never heard of vaginismus, and didn't know that there was a psychological root to the physical symptoms and pain I was experiencing. I thought that my body was broken. I felt sexually inadequate and despite my midwifery studies, I questioned my knowledge and understanding of female anatomy. In speaking with other young women my age, I found that all the women in my community shared similar experiences either in thinking their body was broken, in experiencing sexual shame, in experiencing a lack of sexual pleasure (namely climax, or orgasm), or in experiencing body image issues. And none of the young women in my life had anatomically correct knowledge of their own reproductive anatomy.

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Even the medical professionals that I sought advice from had no resources for me, other than to refer me to physical therapy. And they, likewise, did not have anatomically accurate advice.


My life journey has led me through much deep healing, and my passion is now to share what I have learned and what I have healed with other women.


I want to see an end to unnecessary pain and shame in women's lives surrounding their very bodies, their sacred anatomy, sexuality and pleasure. I believe it is vital that women become the experts on women's bodies.

I want to see women empowered to know their bodies, to have tools and resources for healing, and have a deeper appreciation and understanding for how their body works.

I also want to see women no longer experiencing sexual shame. Since it's not possible to prevent it, I want to help create a global movement that supports women to heal, and equips them with the necessary education to experience sexual pleasure after trauma. This is why I created WombTerrain.

Since obtaining a "Stage IV Invasive Inflammatory Breast Cancer" diagnosis, I now also include workshops on breast health, self breast massage, self massage for lymph drainage, and supporting women in embracing their body and breasts through life changes such as explant (removal of breast implants due to breast implant illness) or mastectomy.

Although titled WombTerrain, this global movement truly embraces the whole spectrum of female anatomy and pleasure, and not just the womb.

If you are a woman, and you do not have a womb, you still carry the energetic signature of the womb within your body. WombTerrain workshops and immersives take you into the yoni and not just the womb. All women who carry a Wombspace are welcome to attend, womb intact or not.

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