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Where is my....?

So many of us have no intimate knowledge of our anatomy, from experience with and within our bodies. We may have a basic idea of our anatomy, or even an extensive once from textbooks, but more often than not when it comes to knowing how to recognize your anatomy by touch, and by sight, women are at a loss.

You may know where your cervix is (and if not, we go over that too in WombTerrain) but do you know what she looks like? Do you know how she looks when she's ovulating versus menstruating? Do you know how to connect to her through your breath and feel her move?

How well are you intimately acquainted with your innermost self and the center of your intuition and pleasure? Do you desire not just more knowledge about your anatomy, but a connection that stems from KNOWING yourself and your anatomy from experience?

This is why I created WombTerrain.

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